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Your Digital Investigation & Command

LEApp is an entity-centric, process-driven, law enforcement, cloud application that collects, merges and analyses data from all available restricted sources, open sources or tactical systems.
The application's modular design is based on field-proven, state-of-the-art technology. Providing world class cloud enabled investigation and command tools, it advances law enforcement agencies towards next generation policing.
LEApp enables intelligence fusion, analysis and command – breaking the barriers to effective intelligence and threat detection for agencies in the fields of national and homeland security, policing and law enforcement, border and customs control, as well as hosting of major events.

Why Choose LEAPP?



More cases, deeper investigations, quicker results



• Access to technology and processes of federal-grade agencies



Replace capital expenditure with pay as you use models



Fully mobile, government secured access from anywhere, using any device



Secured collaboration and access to data sources



Maximize agency independence and self sufficiency



Plug-in your existing RMS, or use LEApp feature rich RMS, for better situational awareness, event documentation, and workforce control.

Records Management System (RMS)

Benefit from a process-driven, feature-rich investigation CMS that provides complete governance and traceability of evidence.

Investigation Case Management (iCMS)

Acquire a deeper understanding of events by connecting to a multitude of restricted high-credential sources as well as open sources, such as social media.

Variety of pre-integrated data source

Connect to a multitude of restricted, high credential sources, as well as open sources like social media, for broader event understanding.

Media Analytics

Utilize geographic information sources, locations of street cameras, cell site coverage, WiFi router coverage and live location of any mobile device, to improve situational understanding and control.

Asset Locators

Define business rules that will alert the user on predefined patterns and abnormal behavior, bringing events in need of immediate attention to the forefront in real time.

Business Rules Management

Unparalleled set of forensic and analytical tools, designed for federal agencies and available anywhere; including visual link analysis, call record analytics, mobile phone and email forensics, and multi-lingual text analytics.

Forensic Tools

Graph visualization that facilitates uncovering abnormal connections in big data, reveal insights and make fast decisions.

Link Analysis

The Company

TA9 is a leading company in big data analysis products and specializes in the development of intelligence and investigation systems for local and central government agencies.

The People

Our team consists of a highly seasoned group of professionals with decades of experience in research and development and in intelligence solutions for national security, public safety, public order and cyber domains.

The Proposition

In collaboration with Microsoft, TA9 has developed the most trusted platforms and systems, while supplying them to some of the most demanding national security and police forces across the world.

Trusted Cloud for US Government Agencies

Built on top of the Microsoft Azure Government cloud, LEApp empowers law enforcement agencies with unparalleled situational awareness, Federal grade intelligence tools, and complete investigation case management. Agents are granted access to invaluable information, in context, anywhere and anytime. The application is also supporting all policing command requirements, offering such tools to manage and monitor resources efficiently, as scheduler, incident management and asset management, thereby empowering leaders with full control over every aspect of day to day operations. LEApp offers scalable subscription packages, and consumption based gathering and forensic services, minimizing capital expenses, and multiplying the effectiveness of your force.

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